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How long before I receive the RACV Report?
You will generally receive your inspection report within 24 hours. 
What does the inspection include?
We will be assessing the overall condition of the vehicle based on a visual external examination of components only – components are not dismantled to examine internal parts. Each area inspected will be marked on the following basis:


STOP: The repairs required and/or the likely risk to future reliability could make the purchase of this vehicle an uneconomical proposition for long term ownership, unless it is intended for restoration and all costs are taken into consideration.

CAUTION: When the items reported are repaired effectively the vehicle should provide reliable service. If a private purchase, all defects should be costed for repair prior to purchase. 

GO: Where items have been reported, they should only require routine service, adjustment and/or service replacement to ensure the future reliability of the vehicle. These should be costed prior to the purchase of the vehicle.


What is the Mechanical Guarantee?

RACV Members receive a 30-day mechanical guarantee on all vehicle inspections. If a mechanical fault is found within 30 days that was not identified on the inspection report, you will receive a reimbursement towards the cost of the repair. This guarantee does not apply to our Complimentary Car Maintenance Check which is an external examination of the vehicle.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections: 30 Day Guarantee covers up to $1,000

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections: 30 Day Guarantee covers up to $2,000

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